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A classic everyday style with a touch of sophistication. Crafted from a stretchable cotton knit. Featuring detailing with the light crisp drape at the shoulder.


-Straight armholes

-Side seam pockets

-Slim fitting bodice

Cotton and  Spandex            
Every garment in our collection is crafted with sustainable in mind. 
Sustainable wash care practices:  Hand Wash / Flat Dry      

Product Ref: 91083            

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LITTLE MATCH GIRL established since 2003 with women’s fashion that have always been classic, well-made, and timeless. Fast forward to 16 years later, we have grown to become socially conscious as well, a visionary brand that supports the sustainable women’s fashion movement and its drive to make the environment in general better in Singapore.

For us, sustainable fashion is not just a trend, and with the ever-evolving movement towards an eco-responsible lifestyle, we have to adjust not only our design philosophies but our operations as well. We walk the talk as we commit to our company values: that quality fashion can be sustainable and responsible by using progressive sustainable materials, empowering socially responsible production and innovation, and exercising inspiration and ethical transparency.

There is a long way to go, but we are committed to this bigger plan. A sustainable planet should not be the problem of the next generation. It has to be ours. With this, LITTLE MATCH GIRL is moving from fast fashion to slow fashion, practicing an evolving understanding of sustainability reiterated in substantial action: from retail to exclusively online e-commerce stores to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, a move away from mass-produced garments, and finding eco-friendly and ethically-sourced fabrics.

Aside from garments that bear the signature timelessness of LITTLE MATCH GIRL, the label also puts priority in fair labor practices and humane work ethics. Quality good design perfectly balances with fairly compensated hard work from its talented tailors, thanks to detailed quality control and compassionate management.

Even as we revamp our operations, we retain our culture and drive to dress our customers with modern sophistication. Join us in our journey as we bring our collections to a socially-responsible future, where LITTLE MATCH GIRL inspires customers with a comprehensive sustainable fashion covering blouses, trouser ,skirt, dresses and outwear that brings environmental awareness and social accountability to the table. We are still learning, but as we envision the future of sustainable fashion, we hope that we can learn more together.