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About Little Match Girl

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In an age and world where fashion is so easily available, we are sticking to our belief since 2003: That every individual should have the right to own apparel without the need to worry about the production ethics behind their creation.

Sustainable design not about sustainable fashion may be just taking off, but we have come a long way since our founding years with the value that individuals can style themselves in our garments design that are classic, well-made, and timeless.

Today, LITTLE MATCH GIRL is proud to be a visionary brand in Singapore to bring socially conscious apparel to informed consumers supporting the sustainable fashion movement. Our designs are made to last, with timeless cuts and ethically-sourced fabrics. Crafted with care by our tailors who earn a fair wage for their hard work, LITTLE MATCH GIRL clothes retain the warmth and mindful notes that go into making them.

We pride ourselves on our line of garments that inspire consumers to elevate their interaction with style and fashion, bringing environmental awareness and social accountability to the table.

Revamping our operations but retaining our culture, LITTLE MATCH GIRL continues to dress consumers tenderly in modern sophistication, while offering a peace of mind for socially-responsible participation in fashion, not just a label contributor in the fashion industry.

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